This cool little personality app will, within a few taps of the screen, detect your inner true personality.

Its not rocket science but it sure is fun!

Once you’re done answering the easy to follow prompts, you’ll be enlightened with a powerful description of your inner workings… 

Who you are! Why you are this way! And, Why you do it! 

Plus, you’ll receive some handy tips on how to leverage your unique personality, reduce resistance, and use this wisdom to achieve phenomenal greatness. 

Have fun!.

90 Seconds Is All It Takes…

Just 45 simple questions and 90 seconds later and you’ll be acquainted with your Personality Plus Enneagram type. We also give you the option of taking the test as many times as you like + you can browser through each of the personality tests from the “About 9” page in your menu.

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Want to share Personality Plus with your friends? We’ve added a simple Facebook like option, (of course you’ll like us), + we’ve added a cool email feature so you can email the result to anyone you like. Maybe even yourself?

You can even check out our latest Personality Plus products from our wee shop. (Like wee meaning super small). Although if you want the super duper version, check out our real Personality Plus website for the whole enchilada. Come-on, hop to it!, It wont cost you anything and its not going to hurt! (Maybe a small half truth there!).

  • Other cool features: An "About Us" page… Basically a couple of “Would Be” app developers having fun!
  • Another cool feature: Actually, there aren’t any. That’s it. So stop goofing about and download this puppy before you have to ready any more of our polava!

About Us

Just two “Would Be” app developers having some fun!

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